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+1 Wand of scorching burst

+1 Cloth armor


Non-magic items:

Silver hip flask with dwarven hearldry (30 gp)



Hadarai’s father, Damyar, was a wood shaper (someone who uses a kind of nature magic to encourage plants to take on particular shapes) who traveled the Feywild looking for choice pieces of wood to transform into various decorative and utilitarian devices. His journies across the Feywild often took him to the edge of the Brokenstone Vale where he would trade with the merchants belonging to the wolf lord Viktor Mazan. In time, Damyar fell in love with one particularly muscled and enchanting were-badger whose name he never spoke in the presence of Hadarai.

Once word of this forbidden love reached the Maiden of the Moon, the huntress sent many parties to find and kill the offending badger. However, the lycanthrope retreated deep into the Brokenstone Vale forever just beyond the reach of the Maiden of the Moon. Broken by the distance between him and his love, Damyar sought the Prince of Hearts, for whom Damyar had shaped many trinkets to be used in the Prince’s schemes. Damyar begged the Prince of Hearts to rid him of his infatuation with the dire badger, which the Prince did in a way. For the Prince may have the power to foster love between two beings, but he does not have the power to destroy it. However, the Prince of Hearts was able shift the focus of Damyar’s desires to Tejal, the daughter of a minor lord in the Summer Queen’s court.

Early childhood

Damyar and Tejal enjoyed many long years together in blissful marrage while Damyar shaped anything from trinkets to palaces for the Summer Queen’s lords and ladies. However, just asHadarai was born the spell that the Prince of Hearts had cast over Damyar began to weaken. Damyar began to dream once again of his badger and grew restless. A year before Hadarai was to begin his formal training, Damyar decided to take his wife and child back on the roads across the Feywild. He claimed the desire to show Hadarai the wonders of their world. Soon enough their travels took them back to the Brokenstone Vale and Damyar became increasingly distant from his family. When one of the older merchants recognized Damyar , Tejal began to pry into her husband’s past. At first he was reluctant, but he eventually told Tejal everything of his forbidden love, and that his feelings for thebadger were stonger than ever.

After a few days, word of Damyar’s presence in the Brokenstone Vale reached the Maiden of the Moon. The huntress acted quickly to intercept Damyar and his family. She demanded that Damyar leave this place never to return, and that word should be spread to the entire Feywild that he was to be trusted as much as a lycanthrope. The disgrace that fell on Tejal’s family afterward forced them to exile Damyar and his child to the mortal realm where he could do no more damage to the Court of Stars. Tejal and Damyar’s marriage was anuled and Hadarai has never seen his mother since.

Late childhood

[this part is especially lacking… I just thought a forbidden love between a woodworker and a werebadger was funny. If you want to add to my character’s personal background (rather than parents background) feel free to email me, or we can talk at the store.]

Damyar and his young son wandered the mortal realm for some time before Hadarai was apprenticed to a wizard who specialized in enchanting arcane items to sell to adventurers. Damyar worked for the hedge wizard shaping wood suitable for producing wands while Hadarai learned the basics of human wizardry. The tales of daring deeds and great treasures brought in by the passing adventurers gave Hadarai the idea of joining a company and exploring this dangerous world of mortals.


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