Nala Avandra

Small for a dragon born, only 5' tall and 150lb, she is actually an albino, not a white dragon. She's got a broken horn on her left side and a scar running down the left side of her face.


Not up to date. At all.

Basic Stats

Level: 3

STR 15
CON 10
DEX 12
INT 11
WIS 15
CHA 13


AC 17
REF 13

HP 43


Weapons and Armor

  • Medic’s Mace 1d8+1+str+1(SoH) +1d6 radiant damage on critical (6 v AC) +1d6 on critical (see: SoH) Power (Daily): Standard Action. Gain one additional use of Channel Divinity for this encounter.
  • Dagger 1d4+str+1 (SoH) (7 v AC) 1d4-2 (2 v AC ranged) +1d6 on critical (see: SoH)
  • Shared Suffering Hide Armor +1 (AC bonus 3) Power (Encounter): Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an attack gives you ongoing damage. The attacker gains an equal amount of untyped ongoing damage (save ends).
  • Symbol of Hope +1 (adds 1d6 to all critical strikes) Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction. You can use this power when you or an ally within 5 squares of you is hit by an effect that a save can end. You or the ally gains a +5 power bonus to saving throws against the effect.

Magic Juju From On High (and Dragon Breath)

At Will

  • Lance of Faith: Standard, Range 5. Wis v Ref. Hit: 1d8+wis radiant and one ally you can see gains a 2 power bonus to his or her next attack against the same target. Increase 2d8wis at 21.
  • Sacred Flame: Standard, Range 5. Wis v Ref. Hit: 1d6+wis radiant and one ally you can see chooses either temp. hp equal to your Cha mod+1/2 your level, or to make a saving throw. Increase to 2d6+wis at 21.


  • Healing Word: Special, you can use this twice per encounter, once per round. 3 times per encounter at 16. Minor, Close burst 5 (10 at 11, 15 at 21). The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6+wis mod.
  • Channel Divinity (class feat): Standard, Close burst 5, each bloodied ally in burst. Each target can spend a healing surge. You are weakened until the end of your next turn.
  • Avandra’s Rescue (class feat): Move action, Melee 1. Shift into the space of an adjacent ally; that ally simultaneously shifts into your space. Your space and your ally’s space must be the same size.
  • Healing Strike: Standard, Melee weapon. Str vs AC. Hit: 2[w]+Str radiant and the target is marked until the end of next turn. In addition, you or one ally within 5 squares can spend a healing surge.
  • Blazing Beacon: Standard, Melee. Str vs AC. Hit: 1[w]+Str radiant, and all ranged attack rolls against the target gain a +4 power bonus until the end of your next turn.
  • Sanctuary: Standard, Range 10. The target receives a +5 bonus to all defenses. The effect lasts until the target attacks or until the end of your next turn.
  • Dragon Breath: Minor, Close blast 3. Str+2 v Ref. Hit: 1d6+Con (4 bonus and 2d6Con at 11, 6 and 3d6Con at 21).


  • Beacon of Hope: Standard, Close burst 3. Wis v Will. Hit: Target is weakened until the end of it’s next turn. Effect: You and your allies in the burst regain 5hp and your healing powers restore +5 hp until the end of the encounter.


  • Comprehend Language
  • Gentle Repose
  • Animal Messenger

Nala was born into a village of outcast Tiamat worshipers. The majority of her family and village think that Dragonborn are the epitome of creation, that warriors are the epitome of Dragonborn, that their Empire should never have fallen, were it not for the treachery of lesser races, and that someday the Dragonborn will inevitably rule the entire known world once again (naturally with her family leading the charge).

Nala was the long awaited first child of the Clanchief (Edorrin Keshthar), the head of the prominent families of the village. Unfortunately for her, she was born an albino and undersized. As a result, instead of the red skin and red eyes her father wanted (as befitted a warrior), she had pale, almost grey skin and pink eyes. To make matters worse, her breath was a pathetically cold, rather than hot. How could she someday lead the clan to glory? The customs of the clan prevented Edorrin from killing her as a “blight to the eyes of Tiamat”, as killing a first born without having a suitable replacement child was considered unwise.

As a result of the customs of the clan, Nala was allowed to live, though she was not given the attention that other children received. She was fed, she was given weapons training, and she was forced to memorize the long and often times bloody and exaggerated stories of the clan. Outside of meals and schooling, though, she was, at best, ignored, at worst ridiculed and beaten. She spent as much of her time as she could outside the walls of the village, exploring the countryside and studying, in her simple way, the plants and animals she found there.

At the age of 12 Nala’s brother Bidarin was born – strong, red, and fiery – and her safety within the village became uncertain. Edorrin made it clear to the villagers that he would not kill her until Bidarin’s potential was fully known; he would wait until the boy was 3 years old. In that time, though, he saw no reason to continue to waste resources on Nala, since her potential was already assured while her necessity was not. As a result, she was removed from weapons training and history classes and forced to work as a drudge for the pig and goat farmers (two families – the Firclaws and the Heskins), the lowest class of the village, sharing their meals and sleeping in the loft above the beasts. Because of their equally bad situations, and Nala’s more understanding attitude, she quickly made friends with the farmers and, in later years, would describe living with them as some of her happiest times in the village.

Bidarin showed all the signs of being just as his father wanted him to be – big, strong, cunning, vicious, the ideal warrior. By the age of three he was already over four feet tall, huge for his age, and very strong. He did very well in weapons work. On Nala’s 15th birthday, when Bidarin “accidentally” killed a weaker sparring partner during practice, Edorrin declared Bidarin his true heir. He then set out to find and kill Nala, who was outside the village tending the goats.

The older son of one of the farmer families (Arhorn Firclaw), tried to run out to her, to warn her to leave, before she came back to the village. He wasn’t fast enough, as she had already been spotted returning her father was waiting for her inside the gate, a huge cross bow in his hands. Arhorn ran out the gate, screaming at Nala to run, when Edorrin shot him in the back. Seeing Arhorn fall and her father start towards her, drawing his bow a second time, Nalaturned and ran. Quickly Edorrin let loose two bolts, one after the other, the first glancing off of her head, shattering her left horn and leaving a deep gouge, the other burying itself in her back, puncturing a lung. Despite these injuries she managed to disappear into the woods.

After three days of delirious wandering and feverish hallucinations Nala was discovered by a group of Avandra worshipers who were making a pilgrimage to the shrines of the area. One of the group was a human cleric (Allena Sorvenson) who, despite her extreme age (she was 84), was very skilled. In a night of surgery and praying she removed the bolt, sealed the wounds, and saved Nala’s life. When Nala woke the next morning the group asked her where she had come from and she told them that her family had been attacked by raiders while travelling and that she was the only survivor. Allena asked her if she would like to accompany them back to their main Temple, perhaps to start a new life there. Nala agreed and took Avandra’s name in place of her own family name.

For the next 7 years Nala learned Avandra worship and studied at the Temple, specializing in healing and teaching. She became very close with Allena, the two spending long hours talking in the Temple’s gardens. Because of her harsh childhood Nala spoke very little and preferred the company of children to adults. At all times she wore a hat to cover her broken horn and scarred cheek, which she considered ugly and shameful. When anyone besides Allena and the children she cared for tried to be friendly, she would say very little and keep her distance, especially if the other person was a Dragonborn.

On her 22nd birthday Nala had a dream that she was before the assembled Clerics and novices of the Temple. Avandra came down to them and told her that she couldn’t stay hidden in the Temple forever. The Goddess explained that to be a follower of her,Nala had to expand beyond her limitations as much as possible; she had to go out and explore the world; she had to overcome her fears. Avandra had a job for her – to go out as her special messenger and do good wherever it needed to be done because the world was getting darker every day. She handed Nala a glimmering suit of chainmail armor and a shining, heavy mace, then kissed her broken horn and vanished in a burst of radiant light. When Nala awoke the next morning she found the chainmail and the mace at the foot of her bed, as shining and radiant as they had been in the dream.

Soon after her dream, which confused Nala to no end, one of Allena’s students sent for her – the old Cleric was finally dying and wished to see her one last time. As Nala ran to the old woman, Allena smiled and said ‘Ah yes, you are her special messenger indeed’, then closed her eyes, sighed, and was still. Taking this as a sign that it wasn’t merely a dream, but a vision from Avandra herself and shared between all the Clerics, Nala put on the chainmail, took up the mace, packed a travel sack, and said goodbye to the children, promising to send them all sorts of oddities to learn about from her travels. She then set out to follow Avandra’s wishes – to do good wherever it needed to be done. (She’s 24 years old now, has been adventuring for 2 years so far.)

About a year ago she met another adventuring Dragonborn named Nadarr Kava, a rogue. They ended up in the same adventuring group for several months, during which time he relentlessly pursued the shy Nala who went out of her way to avoid him when not working in a professional capacity. Eventually the two became close friends and he helped her get past her fear of other Dragonborn. Unfortunately, he was trapped in a cave in and is presumed dead.

Nala Avandra

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