Below is a list of treasure generally stored in the wagon. Anyone in the party may make use of this equipment, but if you want to equip an item, move it from the items to use list and add it to the items claimed list (and your character sheet).


  • 0 pp
  • 1182 gp
  • 0 sp
  • 0 cp
  • 1100 gp in gems
  • 10gp nature
  • 5gp arcane
  • 1883 gp residuum
  • 18 Flame roses (Use with fire power level 7 or less, add 5 ongoing fire to effect)

Items to sell:

Group items:

  • Runes of communication (standard action to activate)
  • Map of Unseen Lands
  • Loadstone of the Planes
  • Heat stone (Alchemical item that exudes heat like a campfire when water is poured on it)
  • 4 Alchemist silver (level 5)
  • bag of holding (200lbs or 20 cubic feet in a large sack that never weighs more than 1lb)
  • Enshrouding Candle
  • A strangely organic looking dagger, it’s blade seemingly formed of strands of dark metal of varying thickness wound around and through each other in eye-straining patterns. The blade appears to have been broken off of a larger whole, the broken end wrapped in stained leather of dubious origin to create a handle. It pulses intermittently with magic powerful enough that even the uninitiated can sense it.
  • Everlasting Provisions
  • Shard of steel and fist size shard of basalt wrapped with ritual cord
  • 6 Flame bane oil. (make a save vs ongo fire +2. +11 vs Ref to destroy fire zone or suppress fire aura)
  • 12 Blinding bomb (+11 vs Fort)
  • 2 oil of pushing

Items Claimed


  • Virbog
  • 10 Dragonforge
  • Yorgrave
  • Upgraded wagon: it’s now a token that when activated creates a leomund’s secure shelter.
Level 12 Brute

Huge natural beast

XP 700

Initiative +5 ♦ Senses Perception +7
HP 159; Bloodied 79
AC 24; Fortitude 30, Reflex 15, Will 20
Saves +0
Resists None
Speed 6

Gore (Standard, At-Will) ♦ Melee

+13 vs AC; 2d8 + 8 damage

Trample (Standard, At-Will) ♦ Melee

The rouk can move up to its speed and enter enemies’ spaces. This movement provokes opportunity attacks, and the rouk must end its move in an unoccupied space. When it enters an enemy’s space, the rouk makes a trample attack; 13 vs Reflex; 2d65 damage, and the target is knocked prone.

Alignment Unaligned ♦ Languages None
Skills Endurance + 20

Str 26 (14) Dex 8 (5) Wis 13 (+7)
Con 29 (+15) Int 2 (+2) Cha 10 (+6)

Equipment Shaggy coat, huge horns, charming demeanor

Armored Caravan Wagon

Garganguan vehicle

HP 300
Space 3 squares by 4 squares

AC 2; Fortitude 20; Reflex 3;

Cost 1000gp

Speed creature’s speed – 3


A caravan wagon is typically pulled by a rouk or other Gargantuan beast of burden. The wagon takes an additional -1 penalty to it’s speed if only two Large creatures pull it, or -2 if pulled by only 1. Such a change also requires modification of the tack by a cartwright.


Eight medium creatures; six tons of cargo

Out of Control

An out-of-control wagon comes to a stop at the beginning of it’s turn. At the DM’s discretion, the wagon might continue in a random direction if the creature that pulls it is panicked or attacked.


The driver’s bench has armored sidewalls that provide cover against attacks from the sides. The roof features short crenelated walls that grant cover for crouching or prone creatures. Up to nine creatures can occupy the interior of the wagon, gaining superior cover from the arrow slits in the walls.


Skyfall Basin Kilahm