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The world was created by the Primordials at the dawn of time, before they were sealed away by the Gods and the world remade as a home for their chosen, the races of Man. The history of the world has been a cycle of conflict between the Darkness, the monstrous spawn of the Primordials, and the Light, children of the Gods. You live in the aftermath of the latest conflict, when the Dark rose up to crush the great kingdoms of Man. The last several hundred years have been spent pushing back the dark and rebuilding the light of civilization. You live in the shelter of one of those scattered lights, in the area known as the Skyfall Basin.


Chronicling the long cycle of Light and Dark through the ages of Man.

Calendar and Astrology


The scattered bastions of light throughout the world where the races of man work to push back the dark and rebuild civilization.

Skyfall Basin

The lands surrounding Skyfall Bay support a quintet of cities formed into a loose alliance.


Ambenar is one of the few dwarven citadels that managed to survive the last darkling uprising. Caravans from the Skyfall cities travel to Ambenar each year to exchange goods.

The Northern Kingdoms

Few from the Basin have ever visited the kingdoms of the north or even know their names. They know of them second hand from the dwarven traders in Ambenar.

The Galadhae

The elven kingdom of Galadhae is really more a group of scattered settlements amongst the forested foothills of the southern Shatterspine Mountains, centered around the city of Thanésil, gateway to the feywild.

Gods and Demons

The Gods of Man, and the Primordials and their Primeval children that the Gods imprisoned.



The King of Blue Graves

The Opening of the Way

The Forgotten Tower


The Black Captain’s Tower

The Maiden’s Dell

Mag Tureah

The Forgotten Dwarf Settlement


Articles on the threats the party has encountered or heard of. Information listed here is based on common knowledge supplemented by what the party has learned first hand or discovered through research and/or consulting their local immortal.






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