Skyfall Basin

The land known as Skyfall Basin is home to roughly seven million souls. While the majority are human, dwarves, elves, half elves, dragonborn and halflings make up a sizeable minority. Other races are more rare, including eladrin, gnomes and half-orcs. Though not unknown, other civilized races such as goliaths, genasi and deva are quite exotic and likely to draw stares. Only a handfull of orcs, goblins and their ilk make a living amongst the civilized folk of the basin, as prejudice against the so-called ‘darkling’ races, those who sided with the Dark during previous ages, runs deep.

The vast majority of the basin’s inhabitants are farmers and simple village folk. Most of the cities in the region are remnants of a bygone age, bastions of civilization that managed to hang on by tooth and nail when the Third Night fell. They are:

Mazara, the jewel of the basin. The most populous city of the realm and a major center of trade, it’s command of a sheltered harbor at the mouth of the bay allows it a near monopoly on seafaring trade with far off lands. If it’s exotic goods you seek, Mazara is the place to go.

Tortosa is Mazara’s sister city across the bay, and also her bitter rival. Though still a thriving sea port, it’s docks play host to a fraction of the traffic Mazara does, a fact that the populace holds a fierce grudge over. A number of times in the last century the two cities have come into armed conflict, with only the intervention of Ravan and the priesthood of Erathis preventing the two from destroying each other.

Ravan is the inland trade capital, portal for overland trade from the neighboring kingdoms of the north, home of the heavily armored caravans that make such trade possible through darkling haunted wilderness. Though only half as large as the other two cities, it sports a much larger military and so claims the role of protector of the land while Mazara and Tortosa vie for control of the seas.

Aragona is a tiny city, and in fact is considered a large town by the larger powers and so under their dominion, a fact resented by many of it’s citizens. It lies deep within the coastal marshes of the bay, acting primarily as a transshipment hub where goods from Ravan and beyond are moved from riverboat to more seaworthy vessels for shipment to the coastal towns.

Casalle is even smaller than Aragona, to the point that few within the realm acknowledge it’s full status. It is given some deference, though, as the center of Erathis’ faith. Indeed, the vast majority of it’s citizens are followers of the goddess of civilization, and the priesthood make up a significant portion of the population. Casalle is also the only city in the basin that is not a remnant of the Risen Empire, having been founded by the priesthood in a deliberate attempt to drive back the wilderness and spread the light of civilization. It sees little trade, sitting as it does atop daunting sea-cliffs on the only land route between Ravan and Tortosa, where most trade goes by sea.

Beyond the cities to the north through the deep woods of the Black Wilds lie the ancient dwarf-holds of Ambenar and the Northern Kingdoms, a mysterious land that few from the basin have ever seen. To the west, the Shatterspine Mountains guard the way to the strange and wondrous Spirelands. Amongst the mountains wooded foothills the elves have their ancestral homes, where rumors say the last few portals to the Feywild lie closely guarded. To the west the nomadic ships of the Corsair Fleets roam the boundless main.

Skyfall Basin

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