The Opening of the Way

While journeying towards the town of Hadden near Ravan in hopes of finding the lost dwarven fort Tim’s fallen companion had discovered, the party discovered an armored caravan wagon that had been taken over and used as a mobile lair by a band of goblins. Oddly, the goblins were not equipped with the usual mishmash of scrap metal, discarded cutlery and pointy sticks, but instead bore short swords, knives and crossbows of elven manufacture, albeit of rather plain craftsmanship.

Continuing their journey in their newfound armored wagon, the group was drawn to the sound of a child’s screams as they drew in to the town of Three Forks. The boy Lyon reported that while testing each other’s bravery with a game of ‘Kiss the Maiden’, which involved sneaking into The Maiden’s Dell, a rather dark and foreboding dell just outside the city walls to kiss the warrior maiden carved on an ancient tomb, his friend Feder found that tree roots had lifted the lid from the tomb and exposed the riches within. Lyon saw Feder reach into the tomb, and an instant later the trees themselves attacked them. He was wounded and forced to flee after watching Feder get dragged away into the shadows.

Investigating, the party were confronted by an elarin woman who decreed that the boy was a thief, and both he and ‘the sword’ were theirs by ancient right. Detecting deception in the eladrin’s manner, the group attacked, and the fey was revealed to be a dark dryad in disguise as she tree-stepped away while her spider-like twigbilght minions attacked. During the brief fight, Jeton discovered a large door set into the side of the hill nearby, standing ajar. Once the dryad and her minions were defeated it was discovered that a powerful enchantment on the tomb had been used to seal the door shut, and the removal of the warrior’s sword had broken that seal.

On entering the door, the reason for the seal was discovered: the door was a fey portal leading to the depths of Mag Tureah, the iron citadel of the fomorians deep in the Evergloom, the underworld of the feywild. After a brief tussle with a gigantic teleporting spider that took offense to the party’s use of bright light within the iron halls, the band managed to find and confront a band of pig-like fey busy torturing poor Feder, saving him in the nick of time, and defeated a size-shifting redcap named Gristlestomp who stumbled upon the fight just as the boggarts were defeated.

Sending Feder back through the portal, the party crept deeper into the dark citadel and eventually found themselves in the warrens beneath one of the council chambers, where one of the deformed fomorian generals was conducting negotiations with a trio of illithid dignitaries while the remaining boggarts stood nearby with the stolen sword, eager to show off their prize. While the illithid’s side of the conversation went unheard, the fomorian was heard to say “The caverns will be yours, of course. Them? They’ll exhaust themselves soon enough, and then they should make fine cattle for you, eh?”. During the negotiations one of the illithids somehow became aware of the party’s presence below, but after locking eyes for a moment simply turned back to the discussions, a sense of wry amusement echoing through your heads.

While the negotiations provided a distraction, the wilden moved to a grate near the boggarts, and used it’s thorn strike to lash the sword from the leader’s grip. Chaos erupted in the council chamber, aided by the wizard announcing in a cyclopian voice that the illithids were attacking. A mad dash for the portal followed, with a powerful unseelie fey knee-capped in passing by the warden and a pair of strange, clawed elves struck down. The sword was restored to the tomb just as the first cyclops was about to charge into the mortal world, and the door re-sealed.

The party were hailed as heroes by the town, but adventure called. The wilden chose to remain behind the guard the tomb and make sure the unseelie fey could not break the seal again, and the party gained a spell-sword eager for adventure.

The Opening of the Way

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