List all of the items you would really like to use here. If possible, provide a link to the compendium page as well.

Entire Party



  • Riding Rhino. Yes, I’m serious. Or some other mount. Possibly a griffon? the wackier the better, really.


Gauntlets of the Ram
Executioners Bracers
Folding Boat (something less absurd than an astral skiff, obviously!)
Belt of Endurance
Superior Implement Upgrade for Staff


Halgar uses hand axes as melee/thrown combo weapons. Enchanted hand axes (returning!) would be nice, especially as a pair. Though any heavy thrown weapon will do as long as it can be wielded with one hand.

I like my bloodcut armor and my vicious longbow no immediate need to upgrade there.

As for miscellaneous items?
Anything that gives me a bonus to shifting movement is nice.
Also anything that increases my overall speed is a good thing.


Skyfall Basin Kilahm